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Ensuring that your organisation builds on its competitive advantage, navigate strategic challenges and achieve its full potential rests a lot on your management team.

The costs of a wrong hire extend beyond the considerable investment of valuable management time, cost and effort. It may also cause significant and adverse, long-term impact on your organisation.

Our retained executive search methodology has been developed over 20 years and uses a calculated and precise approach to help you win over the best applicants.

We see it as a highly delicate process where we will be helping you manage relationships and interactions during the courtship. Following a strict methodology, we will map the market, leverage creative channels and networks, and qualify potential talent to ensure a comprehensive fit to your organisation.

  • In safe hands: Experienced and highly educated consultants specialised in executive search. Experts in assessing executive skills, experience and culture / values fit.
  • Exclusivity: One point of contact, exclusivity, confidentiality and commitment to ensure success.
  • Beyond recruitment: Consultation on salary, benefits and overall package to ensure the competitiveness and attractiveness of your offer.
  • Proactive intermediary: Skilled consultants who are adept at communicating with, assessing and negotiating with senior executives in your organisation.
  • Data-driven prediction: Leading international talent measurement assessments to deliver meaningful insights in the hiring process. Our internationally certified consultants can help you interpret results and offer recommendations.
  • A committed partner: We work only with a handful of client partners for retained executive search. We are unrestricted by hands-off agreements to help you find the best.

Key services:

  • Situation and position analysis.
  • Confidential market research.
  • Talent and market mapping.
  • Pipeline and succession planning.
  • Talent engagement.
  • Executive assessments and talent measurement.
  • Assessment summary, analysis and recommendations.
  • Offer management, negotiation and resignation coaching.

Retainer fee

A retained executive search assignment requires an upfront payment to guarantee the commitment of time and resources dedicated to your assignment. As results are guaranteed for each stage of the process, you get the assurance that you are paying for results, regardless of the time and effort expended by us.

Typical positions that we have successfully recruited for pay between $100,000 – $500,000 annually and applicable fees are usually between 25% – 30% of the salary.

Fees structure:

  • 1/3 – Upon initiation of assignment briefing and search
  • 1/3 – Upon completion of first interviews
  • 1/3 – Upon start.