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Major technology and business transformations brought on by the blitz of digital explosion, mobile usage growth, data traffic and use, and the resulting change management and regulatory compliance needed to implement and embed initiatives have continued to drive jobs hiring.

As Australian organisations strive to bring on new hires as quickly and effectively as possible, there are a range of challenges to overcome.

That includes ensuring hiring aligns to future economic and business conditions / objectives, projecting talent needs, strengthening proactive attraction and employer branding to nurture a healthy pipeline of quality talent, increasing speed of hire and lowering cost.

  • Key trends impacting organisations considering RPO:
  • Taking advantage of mobile usage growth to offer more desirable candidate experience from end to end.
  • Involving marketing to ensure employer branding is in line with organisation objectives and that you attract the right fit.
  • Ensuring deeper reach and speed of hire of specialised skills through the use of RPO providers who specialise in sectors / industries.
  • Increasing demand for workplace flexibility that may significantly impact workforce planning.
  • Ensuring efficiency through the use of leading edge talent acquisition technologies where applicant tracking and insightful data analytics are standard offerings.
  • Structured talent measurement assessments to aid hiring decisions.
  • Real actions to drive diversity agenda, including measurement and programs.
  • Leveraging data analytics and insights to recognise and predict employee patterns, improve recruitment processes and drive retention.

M&T Resources has established capabilities in Recruitment Process Outsourcing since our establishment in 1994. Key to our success is our approach to fully immerse ourselves as an extension of your organisation.

We seek to deeply understand your current and future objectives, goals and initiatives. We align with your workforce strategies and succession plans. And we proactively anticipate and plan for your workload requirements.

  • Continuous talent pooling: Market research and candidate networking to pool talent according to your current and future needs.
  • Employer branding: Regular workshops, EVP alignment, candidate communications plan and more to ensure your brand is built in every interaction.
  • Reduce time to hire: Cutting-edge technology platform and award-winning processes to ensure the most effective attraction, sourcing and engagement of candidates.
  • Better visibility: Comprehensive metrics and insightful reports to help you continuously improve your recruitment process.