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Technology and business hiring – Newsletter FY2015/16 – Q2

MT Resources Quarterly Newsletter Email Elements - FY2015 -16 Q2-03M&T Resources has released our Quarterly Newsletter that highlights the latest technology and business hiring insights for Australian employers and jobseekers.

Our latest Quarterly Newsletter this time round covers:

  • Our Managing Director’s eye-opening visit to SMS Management & Technology’s newest Manila office.
  • Zunaeed on how changes in clearances are affecting hiring in Canberra.
  • Paul talks about the ramping up of hiring from analytics and digital consultancies in Sydney.
  • Lorraine covers some exciting technology / business projects in Queensland Government.
  • Ken’s in-depth coverage of how some contractor rates are driven by transformations, leadership changes and customer-centric data programs.
  • Salary guide.
  • Most actively hiring industries.
  • Most in-demand contract roles and top 10 highest paid permanent roles.
  • Coverage of contractor parties across Australia.

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MT Resources Quarterly Newsletter Email Elements - FY2015 -16 Q2-04

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