Salary Guide 2024

Coming Soon: M&T Resources Talent Insights & Salary Guide 2024

Our 2024 edition of the M&T Resources Talent Insights & Salary Guide is coming soon.

For over 25 years M&T Resources has been helping organisations and government departments to achieve success through providing innovative business, technology and digital talent solutions across contracting, permanent recruitment, statement of work and executive search. We’re looking forward to sharing our specialist insights on business, IT and digital, salary and recruitment trends for the year ahead.

Using our 2024 Salary Guide


Is your compensation competitive? Benchmark your workforce remuneration and find out what salary or day rate you should be offering to attract and retain the top talent in the market.


How does your compensation live up to today’s market? Use our 2024 Salary Guide to assess where you should be positioning yourself in performance negotiations or your hunt for a new role.

Did you know?


Digital, business and technology professionals in the Australian job market changed jobs in 2020, compared with 8% in the wider job market.


Of our surveyed candidates are seeking job security as their first priority for a new role, despite COVID-19 market disturbances.


Increase has been seen across the Cyber Security talent pool over the last 12 months owing to increased demand in the public and private sector.

$10 million

Is being spent by NSW Government on the Return to Work program to support and upskill women in order to advance gender balance.

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