Looking for a better contractor experience?

The latest results from the Australian Bureau of Statistics report that as of August 2022, independent contractors make up 8% of the professional services space. That’s roughly 1.1 million people enjoying the freedom, variety, and salary associated with contractor work.  

As organisations continue to navigate post-pandemic challenges, we have seen an increasing number of contracting roles come to market, particularly with larger, multinational organisations. These companies know that because contractors have worked on a variety of projects across different organisations, they’ll bring the experience, adaptability, and technical expertise needed to meet their business goals.  

Whilst there are plenty of pros to being a contractor, what about things like peer-to-peer connection, job security, and those work perks that help you save on things like healthcare and education?  These are the questions we regularly get asked here at M&T Resources and the reason why we devote so much time to our contractor care – we never want you to feel like you’re missing out. 

We’ve been a leading contractor agency for over 25 years, and we truly believe our contractor care is unmatched in our industry. Here’s why… 

We provide the perks you usually miss out on 

We’ve introduced a world of Contractor Benefits with lifestyle and practicality in mind. From free yoga classes to cash off laptops, we’ve lined up discounts on the things that you’ll actually need and want to use. Our partnerships with leading health insurance providers, fitness studios, experience platforms, and technology brands support you in your work and in your life and help you achieve greater success. We also keep you on top of your technical skills with free and discounted education and training courses. 

We pride ourselves on our Contractor Experience 

Whether it’s cupcakes on your first day or a regular check-in to see how you are going in your role, you’re never alone out there. Plus, our deep-rooted network of companies means we’re always working on your next gig. 

We keep you connected  

Feeling part of a work family is important. Our regular contractor events are designed to connect you with likeminded professionals. Some of our events are just for fun and others are educational. Either way, you’ll enjoy the familiar faces and connection that comes with being part of the M&T Resources family. 

We know communication is key  

With two dedicated points of contact, you’re well supported whether you’re between roles or on contract. We provide market-leading interview and CV coaching to help you land the role you want, and we support you through the offboarding process when a contract has reached its end. We’re so passionate about a consistent feedback loop that we survey our contractors annually to get open, honest, and constructive feedback on their experience with M&T Resources. We use the feedback to keep doing the things we’re doing well and work on the areas where we can improve.  

Your success is our mission 

In the end, our contractor care comes back to our mission of helping people achieve greater success. Whilst we have extensive cross-industry experience and more than 25 years as one of Australia’s most celebrated recruitment and staffing agencies, it is our devotion to our mission that makes M&T Resources stand out from the rest. There isn’t anything transactional about what we do – we support you through the selection process, into your first placement, redeployment, and beyond – when you join our family as a contractor, you become part of our community forever and your success is our priority. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about life as an M&T Resources Contractor, head to our Contractor page for more info.