The Perks of Being a Contractor in 2023

Contractor employment has remained steady for the last three years, with 14% of all contractors working in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services space. This puts our industry in the top three sectors with the greatest number of contractors, only behind Administration and Support Services (16%) and Construction (25%).

Throughout 2021 and 2022, we watched how businesses reacted to the cultural changes brought on by the pandemic. Flexible working hours became non-negotiable, border closures sent wages skyrocketing, and remote work conditions meant starting your workday after dinner time wasn’t so crazy after all.

Wait a minute. Flexible and remote work opportunities…great salaries…that sounds like many of the same perks we associate with working as a contractor. Are employees getting all the same benefits along with the security of a permanent role?

Well, we wouldn’t go that far. When it comes to remuneration, variety in work, and career advancement opportunities, contractors firmly have the upper hand. Overall, the advantages of contracting remain subjective and, if its right for you, there’s never been a better time to be a contractor with M&T.

We’ve introduced a suite of Contractor Benefits with real people in mind – from free yoga classes to cash off laptops – there’s something for everyone. In addition to accessing role opportunities with some of Australia’s most well-respected organisations, our contractors enjoy a true work-life balance with discounts on things that matter most to them. We’ve partnered with leading health insurances, fitness studios, experience providers, and technology brands to support you in your work and in your life and help you achieve greater success. We also help you keep on top of your skills with free and discounted education and training courses.

Today, organisations are navigating economic uncertainty, budget cuts, and project freezes and they’re turning to contractors to support their non-negotiable business goals.

If you’re interested in hearing more about life as an M&T Resources Contractor, head to our Contractor page for more info.