First Time Contractor? Here Are Three Things To Look Out For.

The other day, I was having a conversation with a candidate who recently arrived in Australia. First time entering the market in Australia, he sought advice regarding a role which he applied for. He said to me, ”I didn’t know that the role I’ve applied for was being advertised by more than one recruitment agency. The other agency wants to send my resume over as well. That makes me look like a candidate in demand, right?”

And that is not the first time I have heard that! There’re some sort of ‘unspoken’ rules that candidates who are entering the contracting world for the first time (or someone who has not been job-hunting for a while) should keep in mind. Here’re three:

1. You do not double your chances

Only one recruitment agency can represent you at any one time. As an ethical organisation this is an engagement rule we unfailingly observe so that our clients do not double-up when reviewing potential candidates and so that our candidates appear in the best light.

Not disclosing that another agency has already spoken to you about the same role often confuses the hiring manager and more than likely means you might just get disqualified from the selection process altogether.

2. Know how you want to engage

There are various ways of contracting – each having its own pros and cons. Contracting by having your own Pty Ltd company offers you great flexibility, while engaging as a PAYG contractor means we can handle the tax, super and insurance matters. You should certainly chat with a financial advisor first if you are uncertain.

3. First impressions matter

They really do! While the recruitment agency is an intermediary, we are trusted advisors to our clients. We form impressions from the manner in which you present yourself when we meet and of your “fit” for the organisation – all important considerations. A white shirt / dark suit / classic attire for any corporate role cannot go wrong. I advise that if you are in doubt the wise mantra is to err on the conservative side.

As a recruitment consultant, it is part of my job to meet with candidates (even if it is a first-time contractor or someone new to the country). Due to our scalability and approach, we invest the time and effort to do so.

What this means to you is that we actually get to know you as an individual and become your advocate for your strengths, not just technical skills, but also your culture-fit and values.

This is not to mention the advice we can offer you along the way in terms of where the market is heading – or even advice on your resume.