M&T donates $20K to give children in remote Indigenous communities access to more books

To celebrate 25 Years in business, M&T Resources is proud to have donated $20,000 to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF), a national not-for-profit charity with a vision for equity of opportunity for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children living in remote communities across Australia.

The donation will enable the ILF to purchase and gift 2,000 culturally relevant books to children in remote communities across Australia via key organisations such as playgroups, healthcare and women’s centres and schools.

M&T Resources selected the Indigenous Literacy Foundation as part of its commitment to championing diversity and opportunity in line with its core purpose of helping people achieve greater success.

Paul Hutchinson, M&T Resources Executive General Manager, said “The ILF is a fantastic organisation aligned to our important values. We believe everyone should have an equal chance of success.

“M&T is delighted to be involved in advancing these valuable initiatives and looks forward to supporting the charity in the future.”

The ILF is an important charity that works to help keep Indigenous languages strong. ILF Community Publishing Projects supports remote communities to write, illustrate and publish their stories, with a focus on first languages. The ILF’s Book Supply program supports 325 communities with a focus on seven regions across Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland.

“It is difficult to imagine growing up and not having access to books let alone books that are written in your first language and books that reflect your culture and way of life”, says ILF’s Executive Director, Karen Williams.

“At ILF, over 40 percent of the books we gift are written by Indigenous authors and illustrators. It is important that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children see their world reflected in what they read. It helps create a stronger sense of identity and improves wellbeing…. and a love of reading. We are very grateful for M&T’s generous donation that helps continue this important work.”

For more information on ILF, or if you wish to make your own donation, you can learn more here.