Remote Onboarding: A Guide

Remote onboarding has been identified as one of the major challenges organisations face when transitioning to a remote workforce.

COVID-19 and the sudden rise in the remote workforce creates a valuable and unprecedented opportunity for organisations to prioritise establishing new ways of working, implementing changes for the benefit of our future workforce. One of the processes topping the agenda is remote onboarding.

Whilst a new concept for many organisations, transitioning to remote onboarding is becoming increasingly prevalent with the rise of the remote and / or globally dispersed workforce. The process can be highly effective through utilising innovative tools, technologies and communications channels that allow face-to-face virtual meetings and collaboration services.

Through our contractor management and our own nationally collaborative team M&T Resources are well versed in remote onboarding, training and development. We also understand the importance of getting this right and the impact a successful or unsuccessful onboarding program can have on business outcomes and employer branding.

With so much technology available to support remote working M&T Resources has put together the following recommendations for adapting to a remote onboarding structure.


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