“Take risks in order to innovate” – The Hon. Anna Bligh at M&T Resources’ DIVERSITY event

At M&T Resources’ third DIVERSITY event held at the Sydney Opera House, keynote speaker the Hon. Anna Bligh spoke about the importance of risk-taking to innovate and to make a difference to gender diversity at Australian workplaces. Her keynote was titled “Unfinished Business”.

Speaking to M&T Resources’ clients from the likes of Westpac, IAG, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Telstra, ING Direct, Optus, Leighton Contractors, Lend Lease and more, Anna lauded how far Australia has come in terms of gender equality even though it is a relatively young country. She told her own story where in just two generations since her grandmother, at a time when women didn’t have equal voting right, till Anna herself who had the opportunity to be the very first female Premier of Queensland.

However, Anna also recognised the gender gap in terms of women in leadership positions and in IT. She cited the all-time low numbers of young women choosing science and technology and suggested that the people who are employing in organisations and recruiters should make conscious efforts to set diversity targets, consciously create opportunities for future young women, and embrace risks in order to make real changes.

“As mentioned by Anna, there’s definitely a lot more that people in decision-making and hiring positions can do to influence diversity. As recruiters working with clients who are in these positions, we can play a big role to raise awareness, nurture those conversations, and inspire people to be diversity champions in their own ways. That’s what our DIVERSITY initiative is about,” said Chris Sandham, Managing Director of M&T Resources, after the event.

With past speakers like Suzanne Mercier, Founder and CEO of Liberate Leadership and Naomi Simson, Founder of Red Balloon, M&T Resources’ latest DIVERSITY event has continued on its tradition of featuring well-respected role models as keynote speakers.

“I can’t think of a greater role model for us all to emulate. Going through challenges in the past in her personal and work life, it’s remarkable what Anna wants to do next with YWCA NSW.  I hope all our guests were as inspired as I was and take up the challenge to help Australian workforces become more creative and innovative. M&T Resources can partner with them to achieve that through our DIVERSITY initiative,” added Chris.

Speaking fees from the event were donated to YWCA NSW. YWCA NSW also successfully raised $735 from the raffle prize of a pair of Tiffany & Co earrings.

M&T Resources has also mentioned another partnership with YWCA NSW in the works, and is open to further partnership opportunities with any other organisations to continue the diversity agenda.