How to find superstars the easy way

There’s never a sure-fire way to find a perfect candidate. As recruitment partners to our clients, we can only try to manage as many variables in the end recruitment process as possible to improve hiring accuracy.

And in the human resource world, that’s often measured in terms of percentage of candidates who “drop out” before their  probation ends and retention over a certain period of time.

While determining culture fit, values, aspiration and personalities take more screening and interviewing skills, experience and judgement, probing for technical ability is now easier than ever.

Fluke or not ? Enter technical testing.

What if you could:

  • Eliminate  skill-specific CV fraud by 100%
  • Improve retention to 95%+
  • Reduce overpayment by 27%
  • Shorten recruitment cycle by 32%
  • Shorten interview times by 50%

We recently partnered up with a worldleading testing organisation that gives us access to more than 300+ testing modules across a wide variety of business and IT skills offering all the benefits you see above.

All made possible through these unique testing methodologies that deliver detailed and more insightful results:

  • Adaptive testing: Questions and difficulty level is dynamically adjusted based on the candidate’s responses. This eliminates questions that are too easy or difficult, decreases time wasted on unsuitable questions, and ensures candidates are continually challenged to find their true abilities.
  • Sub-topic assessments: Dividing the test into various sub-topics to identify strengths, weaknesses and proficiency accurately.
  • Weighted questions: Giving priority to important skills to find the candidates with the right strengths.
  • Weighted answers: Credit-based, weighted answers to give more insights into knowledge levels while eliminating influence of guessing.
  • Multiple correct answers: More detailed feedback to see different levels of knowledge for increased accuracy and reliability.
  • Percentile rankings: Compared against benchmarks set worldwide.

The tests are created and continuously refined by a range of Subject Matter  Experts around the world. And because it is hosted and analysed by our partner, tests are guaranteed to be independent and objective.

Steps to perfect  testing

Determine requirements

We can work with you to determine what skills and experience are needed for the roles you’re recruiting for. (It’s important to prioritise so that we don’t end up with a test to find a superhuman that don’t exist in the market!). Plus, with our knowledge as part of SMS Management & Technology, management and consulting company to 85% of the ASX top 20 companies, we can better understand the outcome you are seeking and build the test accordingly.


We can mix and match a wide range of modules, depending on the skillsets required and time limit / duration desired.

Coordinate and supervise

Depending on your preference, set up a time for the candidate to sit the test at our office under supervision, or remotely (unsupervised).


Help you interpret test results based on percentile rankings and other factors that are presented by the tests.

For more information on M&T Resources’ Technical Testing offering, please contact Jeremy Chen, Communications & Marketing Manager at