Run for the Kids 2019

On 7 April 2019 the Melbourne team took their running shoes to the streets to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital as part of Run for the Kids 2019

Post written by Megan Cooper, Delivery Coordinator VIC & ACT

As both a business and as individuals, we are inspired by the work of the Royal Children’s Hospital and wanted to do what we could to give back and help them achieve greater success.

We all know someone that has needed the Hospital’s care before and it means a lot to all of us to be able to support such a great cause whilst at the same time doing something as a team to improve our own health and wellbeing. It is a cause that is in particular extremely close to my heart, having had meningitis when I was only a baby and being in their care for months.

We were proud to have raised $826 (from a target of $500) in two weeks for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal, which is a not for profit charity that raises money to enable The Royal Children’s Hospital to provide world class care for children in need. These funds came very generously from our contractors, colleagues, family and friends.

The 12.8km long course was completed together by the 6 of us within 1hr 45mins (due to injuries, we mostly walked it!). We left from the Docklands at 9:30am on Sunday morning, went over the Bolte Bridge and passed the Royal Children’s Hospital in Parkville before ending up back at the Docklands. Between us, we took 107,134 steps – with one member of the team completing the distance remotely from his vacation up in Noosa at the same time.

We all felt empowered and elated when we finished. We found it quite warming to see how many people participated on the day, along with the volunteers encouraging people to keep on going. A lot of groups had running tops on with the kids faces on them that they were running for, which was both emotional and inspiring.

All our limbs stayed intact, with a little blood, lots of sweat and a few threatening tears.

We are delighted to have been supported by M&T Resources in undertaking this event and look forward to planning our next team event in the coming months.